Core values & truth

collaboration and creativity for the benefit of all

I create a uniquely human balance between aesthetics and functionality in the result.

I am Jameson, an award-winning Graphic Designer and Illustrator
at home in Cleveland, Ohio.


I am a futurist at heart, and a Graphic Designer by trade.  I am not exactly an artist. I have discovered that there is a place for creative and inspired solutions to those real life, human needs through design. I live to explore creative interpretations to various obstacles and strive to find a uniquely human balance between aesthetics and functionality in my results. I love the details.

I believe the difference between good design and great design is attention to detail. Without question, it is those details that create an opportunity to achieve something truly unique and exceptional.

Design is ubiquitous and necessary, but most importantly it is invisible because your message, concept and needs are apparent to the viewer. Design is not art, it is a solution to a problem.

As a designer, I have built a record of success in quality branding and identity work, logo design, poster design, user interface design, creative strategy, and concept development. In 2013 I started working on social media strategies, blog writing and have had several referenced and shared on websites like SBNation, NBC Hardball Talk and Reddit.

When I am not working, I find that I live for adventure, and trying to uncover the fog of war in our very real and beautiful world. I read about technology and futurism for fun. I enjoy running, playing basketball, and supporting some of my extremely talented friends and family in their efforts. When I am not on the move, I love holiday traditions with family, my cat Neo, collecting comics, playing and collecting video games, and being a bit of a nerd historian.


This website is comprised of both my professional and freelance work. I have 6 years of experience as a Graphic Designer in large advertising agencies, smaller creative firms and in-house marketing departments in Northeastern Ohio. Currently, I call Great Lakes Brewing Company my work day home. Over the years I have been recognized for my work in illustration, photo manipulation and letterpress design, winning several Gold and Silver awards in both the Akron and Cleveland Chapters of the American Advertising Federation. I also have several awards from my work within the healthcare industry for logo design, website art direction, and a comic book themed direct mail campaign.

Download my Resume or a PDF sample of my Portfolio.



Everything in the world of design is custom. This is both the thrill of an idea, and what makes our work together unique from anything before it. Just because the word custom means time and money, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. If anything, it means that the time and dedication needed to make it possible is being entrusted with the right person if you want to talk.

Please email me at: or use my contact form.