Project Description

Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop: Free Comic Book Day 2014


The Project

2014 marks the third year creating Limited Edition posters for Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop in Cleveland, Ohio for Free Comic Book Day. This year’s artwork featuring Spiderman is the centerpiece of the promotional campaign that builds on the success of the previous year. FCBD in 2014 coincided with the released of The Amazing Spiderman 2 is in theaters on May 2nd.

Our creative goal with Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop was to reflect on Spiderman’s triumphant personal victory as seen in Amazing Spiderman #33. This poster was created and told through the small easter egg style details that can be seen throughout. The scene depicts Spiderman, overcoming the odds while trapped in an unknown underground laboratory. Just like in issue #33 Spiderman heroically defeats the odds escaping a giant cave in below Public Square in downtown Cleveland.

Additional work for this project includes custom artwork for the specially crafted Strucker’s Pretzel Ale made by Cleveland Action Brewery for the event. Using the popular Hail Hydra Meme, beer labels and 1″ pins were created for the bar at the party.

The Client

Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop open in 1990 in a small location in Kamm’s Corner in Cleveland, Ohio. Being the only shop to survive the comic industry’s downturn in the mid-1990s it became the go to place for all comics, figures, novels and collectables in Cleveland Prime. Since the mid 2000s, Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop has become a hub in Cleveland for all comic culture, events and hosts one of the largest Free Comic Book Events in the region.

CNJ-2014-Free Comic Book Day-Poster

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CNJ-2014-FCBD-Postcard Design