Project Description

Escape Velocity Infographic Poster


The Project

An infographic poster that is 30 x 30 inches about how Escape Velocity, the terminal speed needed to leave a planetary body, works. Each of the parts shown in the main circle on the poster is mathematically proportionate to each other to represent the speeds required to achieve Escape Velocity. In each of the three corners of the poster is where more information and details about Escape Velocity reside. The top left corner acts as the Key for each color as well as providing a unique fact about each planet. The bottom left explains Newton’s Cannon which explains use of a theoretical cannon to attain orbit in 1687 in his book Principia Mathematica. The bottom right explains in more detail how Escape Velocity works including explanation of leaving the gravity of Earth from the surface and in orbit.

Escape-Velocity Poster

Escape-Velocity Poster-Detail1

Escape-Velocity Poster-Detail2

Escape-Velocity Poster-Detail3

Escape-Velocity Poster-Detail4