Project Description

Matco Tools Calendar Concept


The Project

Yearly, Matco Tools releases a promotional calendar featuring cars, tools and girls. In order to differentiate the 2012 calendar from years past my goal was to take the concept a step further by visually creating a story. The goal was to show the each of the models in the calendar having an empowering and invested relationship with their car. Each photo shows character and story with the car as an extension of themselves.

The photoshoot and design planned for 6 sessions that would then symbolically represent six decades. By using different models, vehicles, a variety of digital effects and filters, each would convey the visual feeling of the decade.

Featured here were two concept pieces created to tell the story of a 2000s era Fast Furious racer and a 1970s muscle car builder. Tools, models, some clothing, Matco banners, and cars were all photo manipulated from their original sources and brought into the same scene using Photoshop.

The Client

Matco Tools is a headquartered in Stow, Ohio. Matco began operation in 1946 and, since 1979, sold products directly to professional mechanics, and enthusiasts through a network of independent franchised mobile distributors. Matco also produces their own line of high quality toolboxes in the USA at their Jamestown, NY manufacturing plant. Franchisees are easily recognized in their white trucks bearing the familiar Matco logo in all 50 states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.